RedisTimeSeries Client Libraries

RedisTimeSeries has several client libraries, written by the module authors and community members - abstracting the API in different programming languages.

While it is possible and simple to use the raw Redis commands API, in most cases it's more convenient to use a client library abstracting it.

Currently available Libraries

Some languages have client libraries that provide support for RedisTimeSeries commands:

Project Language License Author URL
JRedisTimeSeries Java BSD-3 RedisLabs Github
redis-modules-java Java Apache-2 dengliming Github
redistimeseries-go Go Apache-2 RedisLabs Github
redistimeseries-py Python BSD-3 RedisLabs Github
phpRedisTimeSeries PHP MIT Alessandro Balasco Github
redis-time-series JavaScript MIT Rafa Campoy Github
redistimeseries-js JavaScript MIT Milos Nikolovski Github
redis_ts Rust BSD-3 Thomas Profelt Github
redistimeseries Ruby MIT Eaden McKee Github
redis-time-series Ruby MIT Matt Duszynski Github