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Client Libraries

The full functionality of RedisGraph is available through redis-cli and the Redis API, but a number of client libraries have been written to improve abstractions and allow for a more natural experience in a project's native language. Additionally, these clients take advantage of some RedisGraph features that may reduce network throughput in some circumstances.

Currently-available Libraries

Project Language License Author URL
redisgraph-py Python BSD Redis Labs GitHub
JRedisGraph Java BSD Redis Labs GitHub
redisgraph-rb Ruby BSD Redis Labs GitHub
redisgraph-go Go BSD Redis Labs GitHub
redisgraph.js JavaScript BSD Redis Labs GitHub
ioredisgraph JavaScript ISC Jonah GitHub
php-redis-graph PHP MIT KJDev GitHub
redisgraph_php PHP MIT jpbourbon GitHub

Implementing a client

Information on some of the tasks involved in writing a RedisGraph client can be found in the Client Specification.