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RedisGears Streaming

Gears also support a streaming api, i.e processing a streaming data. It is recomended to use the redis stream datatype combine with redisgears to achieve a full streaming processing solution.

Streaming processing

The idea behind streaming process is processing the data at the moment it arrives. Gears give the ability to register a gears execution on events and trigger execution when ever such event occurs. Currently gears supports two event types:

  • keys changes event - trigger when ever a key is touched
  • redis stream event - trigger when a new value is added to the stream

It is possible to register an execution on an event using the register function (instead of using the run function). For example, the following Gears will be triggered each time a key changes. The execution will delete the key, basically it will deny the ability to put anything in redis.

GearsBuilder().foreach(lambda x: execute('del', x['key'])).register()

It is also possible to register on streams using the following syntax:

GearsBuilder('StreamReader').foreach(lambda x: execute('set', x['streamId'], str(x))).register('s1')

This execution will be triggered for each new record that enters stream s1.

The format of the records that arrive from the stream reader is:

{'streamId': '<stream-id>', <field1>:<value1>, <field2>:<value2>, ...}