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Run-time configuration

RedisBloom supports a few run-time configuration options that should be determined when loading the module.

Passing Configuration Options During Loading

In general, passing configuration options is done by appending arguments after the --loadmodule argument in the command line, loadmodule configuration directive in a Redis config file, or the MODULE LOAD command. For example:

In redis.conf:

loadmodule OPT1 OPT2

From redis-cli:> MODULE load OPT1 OPT2

From command line:

$ redis-server --loadmodule ./ OPT1 OPT2

Error rate and Initial Size

You can adjust the default error ratio and the initial filter size (for bloom filters) using the ERROR_RATE and INITIAL_SIZE options respectively when loading the module, e.g.

$ redis-server --loadmodule /path/to/ INITIAL_SIZE 400 ERROR_RATE 0.004

The default error rate is 0.01 and the default initial capacity is 100.